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Small Hall
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The Marin Subud Center

Subud California at Marin is a nonprofit spiritual organization. We are in a quiet residential neighborhood next to large open space in San Anselmo (Sorich Ranch Park). Deer, hares, foxes, raccoon, and a variety of birds frequent from adjoining hiking trails. We offer a peaceful and spacious atmosphere for workshops, daylong retreats, ongoing classes, and seminars.

House History

The Marin Subud house structure was originally part of the Sausalito shipyards during World War II. Around 1954, the Marin County Sheriffs' Association acquired two of the buildings and moved them here, where they were joined to make one large hall, with a rear addition for kitchen and entertaining space. It became their training barracks. The left driveway was their shooting range. The flag pillar in front of the building still bears their pledge: "Dedicated to a better and safer community." The Shriners owned the building for a period of time, then in 1971 the Marin Subud group acquired the property and has owned it ever since.

Main Hall

This is a grand, well lit space with beautiful hardwood floors, perfect for workshops, seminars, and yoga or dance classes. Approx. 2000 square feet, it accommodates well over 100 people. It has access to the kitchen, bathrooms, wheelchair ramp, and the smaller meeting hall.

Small Hall

Our second hall is an L-shaped carpeted space for smaller, cozier meetings. About 600 sq. feet with access to the kitchen, bathrooms, and the main hall.


Preparation and serving kitchen has a gas oven and stove, large double sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, ceramic dishes, utensils, table, counters, microwave, toaster oven, coffee makers, and hot water urns. Access is through either hall as well as outside.

Outdoor Areas

The courtyard near the kitchen door has a shaded sitting area surrounded by olive, maple, and oak trees. Behind that is a concrete picnic/barbecue space with two long picnic benches and stacks of outdoor chairs.

There is a stairway to the upper parking lot and nature trails. Surrounding the property is a fire-road leading to the undeveloped upper portion.

Parking and Access

Off-street parking is ample, with capacity for 75 cars. Our building has ramp access for wheelchairs on the left side.

Booking and Rates

For Inquiries Please Contact:
Chris Van Royen, Rental Coordinator
Call (415) 497-3625 or email him Here.